Badges for PAX Dev are now on sale and panel submissions are open!

If you are a game developer who interested in conversing and creating with fellow devs in a secure, press-free environment, you might want to consider attending PAX Dev. Badges are now officially on sale:

If you have an idea for a talk that would resonate with the developer community, we’ve also opened panel submissions. These will be accepted on a rolling basis, so it’s encouraged to submit early. The sooner you submit the idea for your talk the better your chances on being accepted. You can enter all your panel session information here:

It’s also worth noting that we slightly changed PAX Dev this year - it will take place on the Tuesday and Wednesday during the week leading up to PAX West. We made this change because there are a lot of people who are going to both events, which is great, but on Thursday they might have competing obligations with finishing Dev and getting ready for West. With the subtle shift back a day, it allows a gap for people to adjust between shows. We think it will help with ability to attend both shows and get sorted.