Bringing Your C/C++ Game to the Web with Emscripten


You’ve got a kick-ass game, but you want to give players instant access to it without requiring a download/installation step.  Maybe you want to give players a quick demo to hook them, or an easy way to have them invite friends to play.  Or maybe you’re about to start developing a new game, but want to include the web as one of your targets.  Emscripten and asm.js provide a path for native game developers to treat the web as just another target, living alongside Windows, MacOS X, consoles, and mobile operating systems.  This session will provide details on how to add the web as a target to your C/C++ game, as well as common problems and solutions.  We’ll go over the technologies involved and how they map to native APIs.  Finally, we’ll discuss what kind of performance you can expect in both desktop and mobile browsers.

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