Strategies for Getting the Most out of 3rd Party Engines

Today the use of 3rd Party game engines is accepted, if not expected.

While the decision to use a 3rd Party engine may be a foregone conclusion, deciding which engine to use, and getting the most out of the engine, may not be as trivial.

Deciding which game engine is a choice often based upon which one provides the best features that are most important to the project. For the independent developer, or student, choosing a full featured game engine commonly used by AAA studios implies the tools should be more than adequate for the task. However, there are a variety of potential pitfalls and hidden costs that are often missed, or overlooked, that can potentially put the success of a project in jeopardy.

The panel will discuss these dangers and the evaluation and decision making process from the perspective of independent developers, teachers, and students when making a decision about which engine to use for a game project and how to get the most out of your engine of choice once development is underway!


Christopher Orth, Cole Astaire, Douglas Buzzell, Trevor Sundberg, Christian Allen