Avery Alix

Avery Alix

  • Company

    Fixer Studios

  • Job Title

    Game Designer

Avery Alix started making games in 1982 - but they were pretty crappy until 2007. Since then, he’s worked at Xbox, PopCap, Electronic Arts, WB Games, NCSOFT, and Fixer Studios on games like Blade & Soul, Master X Master, DC Legends, and Bejeweled Blitz. Presently he is Principal Game Designer on unannounced AAA PC and console titles. Avery’s also been studying and competing in historical swordsmanship since 1997, focusing on armoured European sword-and-shield as well as unarmoured renaissance rapier. As a “knight” of the SCA since 2011 and an EMP combatant, he’s traveled North America for full-speed, full-power foot combat in settings from single combat to battles including thousands of participants.