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Alexandra M. Lucas

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    Narrative Designer & Game Writer

Alexandra M. Lucas is a game writer and narrative designer. She won the GDC Game Narrative Review Platinum Award twice, and she has delivered gender studies presentations at GDC, PAX Dev, GeekGirlCon, DigiPen, Wellesley College, and the NEPCA Conference. In addition to speaking about career development at PAX Dev and GDC, Alexandra co-founded the game career consultancy SoYouWantToMake.Games. She wrote a chapter on Asari sexuality for Digital Love: Romance & Sexuality in Games (Taylor & Francis, 2017), a chapter about toxic masculinity in TV’s new Golden Age for Pop Culture Matters (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019), and multiple entries for the Encyclopedia of Sexism in American Films (Akita International University, 2019). Alexandra is co-chair of the IGDA Serious Games SIG, and she is currently writing a chapter on Dragon Age romance mechanics for Love and Affection in Games: a Design Primer (Taylor & Francis, 2020). Professionally, she has providing writing for interactive novels, digital assistants, RTS mobile games, educational MMORPGs, and more.