Ryan Black

Ryan Black

  • Company

    McMillan LLP

  • Job Title

    Partner; Co-Chair, Video Games & Esports

Ryan J. Black is the Chief Technology Partner and Co-Chair, Video Games and Esports, at McMillan LLP in Canada, a full service Canadian law firm. A former Web developer with an interest in Internet law (and a passion for gaming), Ryan’s practice focuses on software, video game, IT provider and technology companies, advising on IP commercialization, employment, and corporate/commercial transactions. Gaming-wise, he leans toward single player epics like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Nier: Automata, Mass Effect (yes, even Andromeda), Dragon Age and The Elder Scrolls.  Ryan lives in Vancouver with his wife (Yolanda), his cat (Kitty), and their 42TB Steam-streaming media server (Gandalf).